Five Crystal Myths Debunked

I have collected crystals my whole life. For the last seven years, I have dedicated my time to understanding crystals and how they interact with our energy field. I have discovered some amazing nuances to how crystals work. Some of these discoveries go agains the grain. Myths debunked by Amber. 

Myth 1: You need to activate your crystals.

I spend a lot of time with my pebble friends. I have learned a couple of things that go against the idea that crystals need to be activated before they will work. Molecules vibrate fast or slow depending on density. Molecules are doing this at all times on their own. Crystals are made up of different molecular structures. There is no activation needed to have crystal vibrations vibrate. 

Myth 2: Crystals always bring positive effects immediately.

Sometimes crystals are presented as a fix all for your problems. Ultimately they are teachers. Those vibrations I mentioned earlier are helping raise your body's vibrations and that leads to releasing stored low vibrations within you. This isn't always comfortable or easy. These stored low vibrations need to be released fully before you begin to see the benefits. 

Myth 3: Only use stones that call to you.

This one is an interesting one. When someone says a stone calls to them, it usually means it caught there eye. The ones that catch your attention are important, however there is a whole deeper level of help from the stones that you find ugly or bring tension in the body. Those are the crystals that will help you up-level in a profound and beautiful way if you are up for the challenge. 

Myth 4: Some crystals never need cleansing.

Selenite is just one of many that is said to never need to be cleared. It is after all the one that rejuvenates other crystals. I have felt selenite that is bogged down and struggling to maintain recycling energy fast enough depending on its demands. Selenite will not complain about a nice refreshing night in the moonlight.  The earth is constantly cycling. The replenishing rain is accumulated water vapor from heat. In a similar way the earths rocks are cycling energy into a higher vibration. All crystals love to be cleared and cleaned. Yes, with enough time selenite will recy

Myth 5: Crystals only work because of intention. 

Looking back to myth one, crystals work because their vibration helps to lift our own vibrations. Adding intention will help bring awareness, but it isn't the sole reason for its help. Crystals are doing three things, with or without intention. As your vibration lifts you release. With the release comes your increased ability to cultivate your gifts and attract what you want. Please read more about this in my blog post A Pebbles True Purpose

As I continue to discover more about crystals I sit in wonder about all the things they have to teach me that I don't yet know. If you have any questions or something you want to learn more about, I am here. Please send me a message with your questions. I will keep you in the know about the new things I discover.