About Mighty Pebble Rebel


Hi, I am Amber Anderson!

I had many habits that were holding me back from becoming my best self. As I was making changes in my own life, I was finding it difficult to move past certain behaviors. Behaviors anywhere from the type of food I eat, how I react to stress, and self-destruction. It felt as if these negative patterns were ingrained in me and there was no escape. I would make progress for a short time and then slip right back into same rut.

When I discover the power of stones and energy, I began to have hope. I have been learning as much as I can about how to implement permanent change in my own life. Knowing that there is a little rebel in all of us, I created Mighty Pebble Rebel. If I am going to rebel, I want to rebel against my old habits and not against myself.

I started Mighty Pebble Rebel to share this same hope with you.

With stones I can raise my vibrations and start to break free of the vibrations that have been slowing me down. I help others find the right vibrational match, to create results toward what they want.

I have also developed an incredible visualization, called Brighter You, that can really propel you forward toward clearing and achieving the true change you are looking for. This visualization helps remove the old belief patterns and blocks that hold us back from reaching our potential.

The combination with stones and this visualization have been such a positive experience for me, that I want to share it with you.