A Pebbles True Purpose

To many, crystals appear to be magical and have mystical powers. While I love the idea of the earth holding these magic abilities there is more to it. When I first started learning about the energetic properties of crystals it seamed that they only had good things in store for me. "Hold this and feel happy or have abundance", kind of thing. I began to see adverse affects from myself and my family. This couldn't be though, right? Everything lead me to believe that things would be better when I had a crystal in my pocket. This just isn't the case. What is a pebble's true purpose?

Let me explain. I have since discovered through evaluation that crystals are doing three things at all times, even when we don't put any additional intention into them. They are in a constant state of vibration because science has proven all molecules vibrate. That vibration isn't going to change based on my feelings about crystals. Because of this vibration three things are continually occurring:

1. Attraction- The vibration is helping us attract positive things.

2. Release- The vibration is helping us release low vibration within us.  

3. Cultivate- The vibration is assisting you to grow qualities that you already posses.

The crystal's first priority is to lift low vibrations and this isn't always comfortable. It could even lead us to feel like crystals don't work because irritation and challenges may present themselves as we start to let go of these stored low vibrations. After all we are told good things will start to happen by using crystals. We could also ignore this process and give credit to coincidence or have it go unnoticed completely. Each crystal reacts differently for each person based on life experiences. Let's take Rose Quartz for example. Rose Quartz is said to increase infinite love and release fears and resentments. One person using Rose Quartz may immediately feel the attraction and cultivation from the crystal because they don't have low vibrations disrupting attracting those vibrations. On the other hand, someone with a difficulty in their past lowering their vibration to receiving love may find the stone uncomfortable to wear as it begins to help them release resentments blocking them to letting love in. So, does this mean that Rose Quartz doesn't work for them? On the contrary, if anything is is working harder for them than the first example.

Understanding how our interaction with crystals works will lead to amazing self-discoveries and growth. if we allow ourselves to look at the uncomfortable and release it. I have a new book Pebble Puzzle that explains more about using stones as a self-discovery tool. It is all about decoding your crystal messages plus it has journal pages to help you keep track of your discoveries. 

Pebble Puzzle Book

One thing I love most about using the Pebble Puzzle Questions Guide is that sometimes it does feel like magic.