Scolecite Pillow Palm Chakra Stone

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1-1.5 Inch Pillow Palm Chakra Stone

Scolecite Chakra Stone Meaning

Scolecite is a high-vibration stone assisting you with your spiritual growth and connection to your Creator. It brings in understanding and perspective, so you don't fixate on your problems and instead find solutions. Find comfort and understanding in who you are and your feelings to understand others better. Scolecite helps you pursue what you want instead of what others want for you. It increases your ability to make things happen. It assists you in breaking free from ancestral patterns and turning toward love instead of pride. It provides peaceful energy for a more restful sleep. Don't use water to clear this sone. It strengthens the Soul Star, Crown, and Heart Chakras. 

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary.

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