Pink Scolecite Pillow Palm Chakra Stone

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1-1.5 Inch Palm Chakra Stone

Chakra Crystal Pink Scolecite Meaning

Pink Scolecite chakra stone increases your bonds with people by enhancing love and encouraging acts of love. It brings awareness to your higher self and connects you to your wisdom. With this connection, it helps improve your ability to see spiritual truth. Pink Scolecite chakra cyrstal releases anxieties, fears, and worries from the past to quiet down your negative thoughts and find inner peace. This chakra stone connects your heart and mind so you understand your desires and life path, and it leads to accurate dream interpretation. It assists in more restful sleep. It strengthens your Crown, Heart, and Root Chakras.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

The meanings and properties given are not a diagnosis or cure. Please see a medical or psychological professional. 

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