Chakra Crystal  for Protection Fluorite Meaning
Chakra Crystal for Protection Fluorite Meaning

Fluorite Chakra Stone Oil Container

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10ml frosted glass empty oil container.

Fluorite chakra stone chips are inside the bottle, making room for your own blend of about 5ml essential oil. The roller on top of the bottle is also a Fluorite. 

Fluorite chakra crystal reminds you that you have, do, and are enough. It helps eliminate negative thought patterns that no longer serve you, setting the stage for inspiration. It boosts peacefulness in your life and brings a clear focus to your environment. It calms and soothes the overstressed mind. Fluorite chakra stone for protection absorbs negative energies from the environment. This stone needs to be cleared often. Fluorite is thought to attract positive opportunities and delightful surprises. This chakra crystal strengthens the Crown, Third-eye, and Throat Chakras.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

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