Caribbean Calcite Pillow Chakra Stone

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2.5-3 Inch Chakra Stone

Chakra Crystal Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean Calcite chakra stone is used for transformation and personal growth so you can understand yourself and your purpose. It increases your ability to gain emotional maturity to understand your true feelings. It connects you to your higher self and enhances your ability to hear your intuition, insight, and inspiration. Through his connection, it helps you to see through lies. Calcite chakra stones are very calming, and they ease feelings of anxiety and stress so that you can enjoy your present moments. It clears away self-destructive thoughts. Caribbean Calcite enhances a better night's sleep and adds perspective to your dreams. There is Aragonite in the Caribbean Calcite chakra crystal that contributes to its abilities. Discover more under Aragonite. It strengthens the Crown, Third-Eye, and Root Chakras.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

The meanings and properties given are not a diagnosis or cure. Please see a medical or psychological professional. 

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