Black Tourmaline Palm Chakra Stone

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.75-1 Inch Palm Chakra Stone

Chakra Cyrstal Black Tourmaline Meaning

Black Tourmaline chakra crystal is a great grounding stone. This chakra stone for protection repels and blocks negative energies. It removes the negative energies that are within you. It balances and protects all the chakras. Black Tourmaline charka crystal also protects against electromagnetic disturbances from cell phones and computers. It aids in relieving frequent worries and anxiety. It soaks up all the negative energy surrounding it like a sponge, so it is important to clear and cleanse this stone daily to access its potential. This chakra stone strengthens the Root and Earth Star Chakra.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

The meanings and properties given are not a diagnosis or cure. Please see a medical or psychological professional. 

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