Chakra Crystal Astrophyllite Meaning

Astrophyllite Tumbled Chakra Stone

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.75-1 Inch Chakra Stone

Chakra Crystal Astrophyllite Meaning

Astrophyllite chakra crystal is known for helping you find your true purpose. It assists in your growth and moving toward your path. It brings in the energy of making clear decisions about the future. It shines a light on the things holding you back from being your true self. Astrophyllite chakra crystal boosts your motivation and your ability to handle change. It helps you accept your whole self. It reminds you to forgive yourself and others for mistakes, so it doesn't define you. It increases your energetic sensitivity when using the spiritual gift of feeling and touch. This chakra stone strengthens all the Chakras.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

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