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Energy Reading

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Sunrise Energy Readings will bring insight into your healing journey. Using tools to read your energy, you will receive help identifying physical, spiritual, or emotional energetic blocks preventing you from living your best, healthy life. As we pinpoint your needs, we can provide a pathway to healing via beautiful healing modalities such as homeopathy, energetic projections, gems and stones, and more! 

90 min Session: Deep Dive Reading 

The Deep Dive Reading is the more comprehensive reading of your energetic and physical well-being during the Deep Dive Reading. It will go over the vitality or intensity of 80+ energetic and physical markers. We will go over the results and discuss your healing options.

60 min Session: Top Need 

The Top Need Reading provides an overview of your General Vitality, Emotional Vitality, Physical Vitality, Spiritual Vitality, and Mental Vitality. I will then help you locate your most pressing problem and what you must do to correct it. You can also ask me to check any specific concerns you want to address.

30 min Session: Follow-Up

The Follow-Up Reading is for maintenance. Once you have had a Deep Dive reading, you will likely find the need to heal in layers. We can discuss the next steps once you have completed the first layer.