Sphalerite Raw

Sphalerite Raw

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.5- 1.5 Inch Sphalerite Raw Chakra Stone

Chakra Cyrstal Sphalerite Meaning

Sphalerite enhances determination to reach your dreams. When manifesting, it improves your ability to follow through with ideas, creativity and finding solutions. It gives you the courage to bounce back with hope after failure. Sphalerite clears unwanted energy affecting your life’s work and helps keep your energy hidden from ill intention. It increases your discernment and spiritual growth by releasing blocks to connecting to your spiritual gifts. It brings balance to yin/yang energy and dispels anger and irritability. It strengthens the Third-Eye, Sacral, and Root Chakras.


The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

This Chakra Stone is used for the following purposes:

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