Tips For Achieve Your Dreams

Nothing shows you your weaknesses faster than deciding to go after what you want. I am going to get vulnerable here and share with you three areas that held me back for a time as I was trying and am still trying to pursue my dreams. When I step back and look at all the beautiful things I have created in my business, it is easy to forget the self-discovery that it has taken to get here. I still discover blocks and limits I unintentionally set on myself. It is all part of growth and I am grateful for this opportunity to share what I love. Uncovering and releasing these three blocks have helped me along the way.

1. Fear of Failure and Success

You may wonder how does someone have both the fear of failing and succeeding. I began this journey with many failed business attempts in my past. I really felt that I needed to make it work this time. It is embarrassing to let your friends and family know that you are trying something new, just to let them know it didn't work. With time, as I was building my business things were working and I began to fear being successful. I began to ask myself things like, would I become too busy? How would I handle learning the steps it would take to grow? Will I know the right steps to take? Success became something I wasn't sure I could handle. Here are some crystal options to help with these fears.

Peach Calcite eases your fear of failing and the punishments or fallout that you fear may occur. It eases the grief you have felt over past failures.

Celestite brings a healthy perspective on life, helping us see problems as detours instead of stop signs.

Sphalerite gives you the courage to bounce back with hope after failure.

Chakra Crystal Chocolate Calcite Meaning

Chocolate Calcite will help release that fear of success, if there is fear in receiving your deepest desire. 

2. Concerned with Others' Opinions About My Choices

I had many people share their concerns about me opening a store front. When you decide to step out and do something unconventional people will begin to voice their fears about what you are doing. I started to wonder if they were right. Should I be moving in the direction I wanted? Was I making the right decisions? Were my dreams clouding my judgment? It took me some time to separate their fears from my own inner knowing. 

Chakra Crystal Bumbled Bee Jasper Meaning.

Bumblebee Jasper helps release the limits you set upon yourself and worries about what others' opinions of you are.

Iolite encourages you to break free of others' expectations and move forward with your intuition.


Infinite Serpentine encourages approval from within yourself, so you don’t rely on others to approve of you and your insights.

Scolecite helps you pursue what you want instead of what others want for you. It increases your ability to make things happen.

3. Inability to Formulate Innovative Ideas

I also stopped myself from moving forward for a time because I didn't know how I would keep up with creating new ideas. In the beginning I had no idea how to I was going to stand out from other crystal shops. I knew I wanted to make things unique, but how do you make something unique if it has been around forever. I realized that if all my ideas happened all at once I would be overwhelmed with the work ahead of me. If I saw my future having several books on Amazon, my own release method, and a new way to receive messages form crystals, plus a bunch of new projects in the making, I would have froze in overwhelm with all that work ahead of me. Letting the ideas come in guided timing is the best thing I have have done for myself. Here are crystals to increase the flow of ideas.

Spinel Matrix It brings in a confident mindset for abundance and new ideas.

Aqua Chalcedony helps you go with the flow and bring in inspiration and new creative ideas.

Chakra Crystal Blue Aragonite Meaning

Blue Aragonite brings in an optimistic viewpoint, boosts intuition, and transforms old ideas into new ones.

Purple Jade inspires creativity, resourcefulness, and new ideas. It encourages you to value your ideas and desires so you can act and turn them into reality.

Coming out of my comfort zone and confronting my blocks has been life changing. I wouldn't want to change anything about it. It hasn't been easy and I am sure I have more to over come, but I would encourage anyone to pursue their dream with the wisdom of timing.