Three Overlooked Areas of Self-Love

Self-love is the is an essential part of any healing journey. The most common practice to work toward self-love is self-care. At the beginning of my healing overhaul I understood self-care as taking time for yourself, getting a massage, eating healthy, and engaging in your favorite hobbies. These are the external self-care practices, but what about the internal ones? While this list is part of self-care, there is another part that gets overlooked. As I have incorporated these three things in to my own life I feel happier and more self-aware than ever. Here are the three areas of internal self-care that can boost your self-love and the crystals that can help.

1. Trust yourself

When you find yourself second guessing your decisions or needing the approval from others, it may be time to build turst in yourself. Trusting yourself lets you know that you have your own back. That despite what is going on around you, you know you can rely on yourself. If you don't trust yourself you can accidentally give away your power and let others make the decisions for you. Your higher self wants you to believe in yourself. Connect to knowing you have what it takes to make decisions, move forward, and trust your intuition. It is all too easy to stop listening and trusting your initial inner knowing.

Bumblebee Jasper Chakra Crystal

Bumblebee Jasper Chakra Stone brings  more confidence in your decisions, increased ability to move forward in your power and encourages trusting your instincts.

Kunzite Chakra Crystal

Kunzite Charka Stone keeps you from dwelling on your fears of what the future holds and increases your ability to restore trust in yourself.


Sunstone Chakra Crystal

Sunstone Chakra Stone uncovers self-doubt and assists you in listening and trusting your gut feeling.

2. Embracing Weakness

Unrealistic expectations from ourselves takes a toll on your wellbeing. Embracing your weaknesses is the first step. This doesn't mean that you can't work on your weaknesses, but to accept them while improving them. Leaving no room for weakness by placing expectations on ourselves of needing everything perfect takes away from your self-love. It leads to a internal battle of shame and self criticism that leaves you empty. Perfection in everything is unattainable and leads to disappoint in yourself and feeling like you are not enough. There is a healthy balance to be found when it comes to expectations. Practice finding the right balance for you.

Iolite Chakra Stone encourages you to break free of others' expectations and embrace your strengths and weaknesses.

Pink Aragonite Chakra Crystal

Pink Aragonite Chakra Stone brings the energy of compassion to begin to gain more understanding, patience, and tolerance for your weaknesses.

Tiger Calcite

Tiger Calcite Chakra Stone helps you feel safe being vulnerable and having weaknesses. It releases the fear of embarrassment, being wrong, messing up, or not being perfect. 

3. Balancing Control

Control is fear disguised as safety. Without realizing it the need to be in control is actually controlling you and keeping you from enjoying living in the moment. On the other hand not having self-control can lead you to regrets and negative self-talk. Balancing when to be in control and when to let go of control sends the message of self-love that you deserve to be happy. When the need to be in control becomes to much or too little it can halt your growth.

 Red Spotted Jasper Chakra Crystal

Red Spotted Jasper Chakra Stone helps you see and focus on what is in your control so you can decide to bravery make changes.

Infinite Serpentine Chakra Stone

Infinite Serpentine Chakra Stone eases the need to be in control and connects you to living an abundant life.

Petrified Wood Chakra Stone

Petrified Wood Chakra Stone has the energy of well-being and security, helping ease fears. It helps you see what is really important to you and shrug off the things you can’t control.

Practicing these three areas of self-love can take you to a new level in accepting yourself, making it easier to accept and love others. This is just a practice, please remember to offer yourself grace along the way.

Here is one last stone for offering yourself grace.

Grape Agate Charka Stone increases your capacity to offer and feel grace.

Grape Agate Chakra Crystal