Get More Specific When Considering Stones for Anxiety

I regularly get asked, "Amber, what stones help with anxiety?" It is a great question, but one that doesn't have a straight forward answer that is the same for everyone. My follow up question is this, "What is the situation that creates the anxiety?" It is only then that we can get down to the fear or uncomfortable emotion that comes right before anxiety begins. For example, overwhelm is an emotion that can start the spiral of feeling anxious. Or feeling afraid of the unknown begins to take hold of  your thoughts for feelings of anxiety to flourish. Here are six stones to calm anxiety with some specific nuances to practice catching feelings of anxiety before the take hold.

1. Smokey Quartz is a great helper to soothe any overwhelming emotion by helping you think clearly.

2. Aquamarine create the feeling of calm when large amounts of work are ahead of you, so you can think through doing one step at a time.

3. Celestite provides calming energy in times of chaos, helping alleviate fears of crowds and trying new things.

4. Amber eases fear of what the future holds.

5. Amazonite bring bravery to confront things that my cause conflict.

6. Banded Carnelian calms nervousness of being the center of attention.