March 2023 Stone Spotlight - Orange Calcite


How do you feel about taking action? Do you feel motivation on a regular basis? Motivation can feel like a rarity with all of life's continual tasks. Motivation can be a beautiful friend if we are open to receiving more of it.

Orange Calcite is happy to be your motivational friend. The one that cheers you on throughout your day. It will boost your ability to harness your creativity and feel the drive to start taking action. Begin to enjoy the creative process and celebrate your creations. Motivation isn't always a state of mind, the Orange Calcite chakra stone increases your ability to recognize the things that are causing low energy. It helps you break free of old patterns preventing you from wanting to experience new opportunities. I often overlook the wonderful influence Orange Calcite brings because of its color and simplicity. Orange Calcite is traditionally known as a Solar Plexus stone and yet it has an amazing ability to calm the mind and improve your outlook. Using this on the Third-Eye Chakra stone can lead to having a positive impact on your day. It assists in more than an improved sense of inner strength.



I feel motivated. 

I am optimistic about my day. 

I bring inspiration and motivation.

I celebrate my creations. 

I am happy and playful.

I see my inner strength. 


Place an Orange Calcite over your Third-Eye Chakra and picture all negative thoughts releasing into your stone. Continue resting here until your thoughts calm and notice if any creative or inspiring ideas come. With each inhale, breathe in the motivation that begins to emerge. 

*Note You can repeat this exercise as often as you would like. If your resisting thoughts don't subside, deeper work on this topic is needed. Please use a release method you like to do this deeper work. If you don't have a release method I am happy work with you in a one-on-one Brighter You Coaching Session. Or the Brighter You Visualization Guidebook teaches you how to release things on your own.

This is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a medical, psychological, or other professional treatment. For serious conditions, please seek professional medical assistance from a healthcare provider.