Four Unexpected Areas You May Be Weakening Your Boundaries

When we think of strengthening boundaries we usually think of energy protection or shielding. Instead, let's think of the places we are weakening ourselves or creating weak spots in our energy field. If your beautiful warm wool coat gets a drafty hole, you wouldn't want to keep using that coat to protect you from the cold. You would either buy a new coat or patch it up. Like a coat with a hole, think of where your energy field may have a weakness lowering your ability to hold your energy boundary. Here are four areas to think about and the stones that can help you begin to heal or "patch" any holes in your coat (energy field). 

1. Voice- There are a few things to consider when it comes to having your voice strengthen or weaken your energy field. 

Are you saying too much and weakening yourself by holding the energy of criticism or anger?

Aqua Chalcedony balances the energy of your voice and helps you know when or when not to speak. When you talk, it enables you to articulate your words clearly with calm composure and guided timing.

Are you saying too little and weakening yourself to the energy of the fear of judgment and manipulation?

Blue Tiger's Eye Chakra Stone

Blue Tiger's Eye assists you in speaking with clarity, truth, and integrity. This stone enables you to say what you think instead of what others want to hear.

What do you say about yourself and others? could you be weakening yourself with negative self-talk or comparing yourself to others.

Aragonite Chakra Stone

Aragonite releases negative energy in all forms, such as envy, jealousy, anger, fear, and insecurity. This stone assists you in calming chaotic negative thoughts.

2. Thoughts- Thoughts are powerful and can raise and lower your energy vibration. When your energy vibration is low your energy boundary is weak.

Are you thinking harsh words about yourself or others?

Chiastolite Chakra Stone

Chiastolite deflects negative energy as well as ill thoughts from others and yourself. It helps rid you of old thought patterns that are unknowingly halting your self-healing. 

Are you dwelling on mistakes and regrets?

Chrysocolla Chakra Stone

Chrysocolla allows you to move on with life instead of dwelling on past mistakes.

Do you fear the worst will happen or imagine horrible outcomes?

Prehnite Chakra Stone

Prehnite calms nervous energy, fear of the unknown, and thoughts of horrific outcomes and what-ifs.

3. Worth- How do you feel about yourself? You may be weakening yourself by attaching your worth to opinions or approval from others. 

Do you only feel good about yourself when others value your work or praise you for a job well done?

Tremolite helps you let go of unnecessary stress and the need for others' approval.

Does your worth go up and down dependent on if you feel you are enough?

Palm Root Fossil Chakra Stone

Palm Root Fossil balances and soothes fear and insecurity, such as not being good enough and not being loved.

Do you shame yourself?

 Brown Snowflake Obsidian Chakra Crystal

Brown Snowflake Obsidian assists you in letting go of harmful beliefs and thought patterns you have formed that shame your identity and leave you feeling undeserving of love

Does your worth go down if others' don't take your advice?

Infinite Serpentine Chakra Crystal

Infinite Serpentine encourages approval form within yourself, so you don’t rely on others to approve of you and your insights. 

4. Expectations- When expectations are too high it weakens your energy. Whether this expectation comes from yourself or from others not having grace for yourself and your life will lower your vibration and weaken your boundaries.

Do you expect things and yourself to be perfect?

Pink Aragonite Chakra Crystal

Pink Aragonite soothes a heavy soul by aiding you in releasing destructive thoughts and the unrealistic expectations you and others may place on you.

Do you set expectations so high that others can't meet them?

Nephrite Jade Chakra Stone

Nephrite Jade assists you with accepting yourself in your imperfections and feeling a decreased desire to be critical toward yourself and others.

Do you follow others' expectations instead of your heart?

Scolecite Chakra Stone

Scolecite helps you pursue what you want instead of what others want for you.


Strengthen yourself by patching your energy field using these or other stones, giving yourself the peace, confidence and love you deserve.