February 2023 Stone Spotlight - Jungle Green Serpentine


How do you adapt to change? Do you see adaptability as a weakness? I did. I felt like I was so adaptable I would be walked on. Adaptability became a bad thing when in reality it is a beautiful skill. Jungle Green Serpentine assists in remaining adaptable while maintaining healthy boundaries. I learned I can still have boundaries and be adaptable. I am the only one that gives permission for someone to walk on me and that isn't what being adaptable is really about. 

Jungle Green Serpentine is a great teacher of what adaptability really is. It allows you to see how compassion and understanding lead the way for adaptability to flourish. With adaptability, fear of change eases. You can mend a broken heart without closing yourself off to new healthy relationships. You are less sensitive to opposing opinions and have the desire to resolve conflict peacefully. Things that felt unforgivable in the past are given a new perspective and an opportunity to soften toward forgiveness.  The energy of Jungle Green Serpentine switches your focus toward the positive. When hard times arise, Jungle Green Serpentine makes room for understanding the core of what is bothering you so you can release it. 

Jungle Green Serpentine Affirmations

I thrive through change.

My heart is open to healthy relationships. 

I bring understanding wherever I go.

Adaptability is a gift. 

Compassion is my strength.

Adaptability is my strength. 

Ideas on how to use Jungle Green Serpentine

Place a Jungle Green Serpentine over your Heart Chakra with you dominant hand over it. Breathe in while repeating one of the affirmations above. With every exhale notice and let go of any resisting thoughts can come to mind. Continue this process for about 10 minutes or until resisting thoughts subside. 

*Note You can repeat this exercise as often as you would like. If your resisting thoughts don't subside, deeper work on this topic is needed. Please use a release method you like to do this deeper work. If you don't have a release method I am happy work with you in a one-on-one Brighter You Coaching Session. Or the Brighter You Visualization Guidebook teaches you how to release things on your own.

This is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a medical, psychological, or other professional treatment. For serious conditions, please seek professional medical assistance from a healthcare provider.