April 2023 Stone Spotlight - Arfvedsonite


Do you avoid change? Does change bring up hard emotions? Change can feel daunting. It brings worries about the unknown. 

Arfvedsonite charka stone wants to support you through change. It reminds you that you have what it takes to rise to the challenges of change. Change is part of your growth. This stone will enhance your spiritual growth, allowing you to gain a fresh perspective. It clears out the thoughts that are making change harder and blocking your joy. By releasing this you can see your incredible ability to handle the change in your life. As an additional support for changes, Arfvedsonite chakra crystal helps with being decisive so you can move forward without the "I don't know" energy. Don't let change get in the way of your progress. Move through change with confidence and feel the freedom to choose how to handle challenges and how you view the future. You are strong and this stone helps you harness your strength to peacefully experience life as it happens.    


I am strong. 

I find joy in each day. 

I am growing.

I allow a fresh perspective. 

I see my ability.

I believe in my ability. 

I peacefully experience life.


Where does your body get tight or uncomfortable as you think about change? Rest Arfedsonite chakra crystal on that spot. Continue resting here until your thoughts calm and notice your body relax. With each inhale, breathe in your strength and ability.  

*Note You can repeat this exercise as often as you would like. If your resisting thoughts don't subside, deeper work on this topic is needed. Please use a release method you like to do this deeper work. If you don't have a release method I am happy work with you in a one-on-one Brighter You Coaching Session. Or the Brighter You Visualization Guidebook teaches you how to release things on your own.

This is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a medical, psychological, or other professional treatment. For serious conditions, please seek professional medical assistance from a healthcare provider.