3 Things to Leave Behind and the Stones to Help You

We are entering another year of unknown adventure and growth. While I consider new plans and ambitions for the new year, it became clear there are things I want to leave behind. As we let go of something it makes room for new possibilities. I invite you to join me in letting go of these three things.

1. Criticism

Criticism robs you of enjoying the present moment whether it is amid at yourselves of others. There are time when others criticism stops you from perusing your passion. It is time to leave criticism from yourself and others behind. Here are a few stones to assist with releasing, protecting, and replacing criticism with love. 

Amazonite Chakra Crystal

Amazonite helps you move beyond the fear of harsh judgement and negativity from others. 

Ametrine Chakra Crystal

Ametrine transforms negative thoughts and sensitivity to criticism into hope. 

Aquamarine Chakra Crystal

Aquamarine helps quiet the desire to criticize and harshly judge yourself and others.

Chiastolite Chakra Crystal

Chiastolite protects you from the energy of ill thoughts from others and yourself. 

Hypersthene Chakra Crystal

Hypersthene assists you with reduced desire to find and criticize faults.


Blue Apatite helps you begin to have a healthier internal dialogue.  

2. Comparison

You have a unique purpose and perspective in life. Comparing yourself to others only halts you from progressing and distracts you from what is most important to you. Sometimes you encounter others comparing themselves to you and you don't want to be a part of it. Here are some stones to assist you with releasing, protecting and replacing comparison with peace.

Banded Carnelian Chakra Crystal

Banded Carnelian protects you against having feelings of envy and replaces it with love. 

Black Jade Chakra Crystal

Black Jade protects you from others projecting their negative emotions of envy your way.

Pink Garnet Chakra Crystal

Pink Garnet encourages you to cheer others on instead of comparing yourself to them, helping you understand that there are talents and divine timing for everyone. 

Aragonite Chakra Crystal

Aragonite helps your release negative energy in all forms including jealousy. 


Picasso Jasper helps you break drama cycles of bitterness and jealousy. 

Smokey Quartz Chakra Cyrstal

Smokey Quartz helps you release blocks of jealousy.

3. Self-Doubt 

It is time to believe in yourself. Self-doubt can sabotage you from taking action. When you doubt yourself it makes it harder to start new ideas or create space for embracing opportunity. Here are some stones to assist you with releasing, protecting and replacing self-doubt with confidence. 

Blue Goldstone Chakra Crystal

Blue Goldstone helps decrease self-doubt and move past insecurities.

Bronzite Chakra Crystal

Bronzite alleviates self-doubt to make room for you to increase your confidence and believing in yourself. 

Flower Agate Charka Crystal

Flower Agate protects youf rom fears and self-doubt so you can reach our potential and discover hidden talents. 

Mangano Calcite Chakra Crystal

Mangano Calcite assists you in seeing your worth and understanding where you need to nurture love in your life.

Pineapple Calcite Chakra Crystal

Pineapple Calcite brings in confidence and connects you to remember your worth. 

Sunstone Chakra Cyrstal

Sunstone uncovers self-doubt and brings clarity to help you stop burying your worth. 

I hope you join me in making 2024 a great year. You deserve success and happiness.