Chakra Stone Layout Session

Chakra Stone Layout Session

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Ideally your chakra system works as a team, completely aligned with your intentions. However, often one or two of them will not be communicating as smoothly as they could. This creates discord in your ability to easily work towards your aspirations. 

Amber Lee Anderson's Chakra Stone Layout Sessions help your chakras align to a specific purpose you want to achieve. There are 15 different alignments currently available to help your specific needs. Gain the clarity to have your chakras work as a team and align you with your desires to achieve. 

20 minute session with Amber Lee Anderson

Alignment Options:

Abundance - Align with seeing and feeling abundant.

Believe in Yourself - Align with noticing your ability and believing in yourself.

Communication - Align with communicating with ease.

Confidence - Align with feeling and staying confident.

Creativity - Align with tapping into your creativity.

Ease - Align with soothing ability to handle what comes your way. 

Find Purpose - Align with discovering your purpose.

Going With the Flow - Align with letting go of things outside your control.

Infinite Possibility- Align with seeing and believing in infinite possibilities.

Inner Peace - Align with finding peace through loss and heartache.

Intuition - Align with feeling and trusting your intuition.

Live with Purpose - Align with taking action towards your purpose.

Self-Acceptance - Align with accepting your whole self.

Self-Forgiveness - Align with forgiving yourself.

Sweet Dreams - Align with calm and insightful dreams.