Azurite Tumbled Stone

Azurite Tumbled Stone

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.75-1 Inch Tumbled stone

Azurite cleanses the Third-Eye. It helps spark spiritual gifts, creativity, and intuition. Begin to feel more confident and let azurite help improve the accuracy of your intuition. It is known to enhance dreams. It helps you stay in charge of emotional reactions by alleviating worry, stress, and indecision. This stone helps you see when others are misleading you. It helps balance your communication and overcome feeling inferior to others that feel they know best. It helps you overcome grief and negative patterns based on fear. It opens you to new perspectives and to study new subjects. It enhances your focus. Strengthens the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras.

The photo is an example only. The actual size, shape, and colors will vary. 

The meanings and properties given are not a diagnosis or cure. Please see a medical or psychological professional. 

What is Muscle Testing?

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